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TRIP - Teekkaripurjehtijat ry

Long sail

Alongside the members’ own boat reservations, a sailing trip heading a little further than the local waters is organized every year on the club’s coastal cruiser FirsTrip with an exchangeble crew. The long sail usually takes place in July, and during that time you can visit, for example, the waters of our Western or Southern neighbours, even as far as Denmark. The time and crew exchange shifts of the long sail are decided at the long sail meeting, which is held just before the skipper’s meeting in May. The crew shifts are decided in the spring season among those who are interested.

There must always be at least one qualified TRIP captain and first mate on the long sail. The rest of the crew can be chosen freely among the members of the alliance during their reserved leg.

For example, in 2014, a the long sail headed through the Turku archipelago via Åland to the coast of Sweden, Gotland, Latvia and via Saaremaa back to Helsinki. In previous years, lake Saimaa has been visited and cruising along the Swedish coast in both directions.

Changes of the crew are arranged in places favorable from the point of view of transport connections, such as Hanko, Turku, Mariehamn, Stockholm, Gotland or another location that has been agreed upon.

Questions regarding the long sail can be directed to: hallitus(at)teekkaripurjehtijat.fi