Opiskelijan oma purjehdusseura
TRIP - Teekkaripurjehtijat ry

Communication channels

The association’s communication is mainly handled through mailing lists and Slack. All members are automatically added to the members’ mailing list, which is an important channel for up-to-date information for active members. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram!

The association’s email domain is [a] teekkaripurjehtijat.fi. Within the association we actively use Slack for real time communication. You will receive instructions on how to join Slack when joining as a member!

Hallitus / Board
This mailing list is the official mailing address for TRIP, which is read and managed by current board members. Don’t hesitate to contact the board through this mailing list on any questions and concerns.

Jasenet / Members
This mailing list is TRIP’s official communication channel for members. Information about all common sails and events will be shared to everyone subscribed. Members (info about joining) can subscribe using this form.

Those interested in TRIP’s activities, but who are not ready to become a member (yet), can join our Info Telegram group. General information about TRIP’s current activities are announced in this group. This will include information about upcoming events that may interest our future members, such as sailing or navigation courses. However, activities intended only for members, such as common sails, are not announced within this group.

Anyone can subscribe to the Info-mailing list using this form. Non-members are not able to send messages in the group.

The Info-group now also exists on Telegram, you can join the group here. The group is only meant for announcements, so only admins are allowed to post.

Kipparit / Skippers
Any issues considering the keel boats are discussed in further detail within the skippers mailing list. For example detected faults among other important things are reported here. The group includes all skippers, the board and officials, as well as almost all members who reserve boats for themselves. Any active TRIP members (or those who intend to become actives) are also very welcome, even if you are not a skipper yet.

This mailing list is only for members, you can join by filling out this form.

Kevytveneet / Dinghies
This group is intended for those who want to discuss what is happening with the dinghies, and don’t want to burden other larger mailing lists. The group is still in its infancy, but all members can join it by filling out this form.

Toimihenkilot / Officials
This group includes the active officials of TRIP. A group intended for the coordination of the organisation of events and other such things, while not spamming other lists. Slack also has its own channel for officials. If you are interested in organising events or otherwise want to get active, we recommend using Slack. This group is still in its infancy, but all members can join using this form.

A mailing list aimed for previous members, who occasionally wish to stay up to date with TRIP’s activities. Invitations to events open to non-members, such as the Annual Party, will be sent to this mailing list.
Subscribe using this form.