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Marine radio (SRC + LRC) training in October and November

Marine radio (SRC + LRC) training in October and November

This autumn Teekkaripurjehtijat organizes training and exams both for Short Range Certificate (SRC) and Long Range Certificate (LRC), in cooperation with Ari Caselius from Traficom. The events will be organized on separate Saturdays, one month apart. SRC -training and exam will be organized on Sat 28.10. and LRC Sat 25.11. in the premises of Traficom in Kumpula and they will last from 10- about 18. The events will consist of recap of the material with input and examples from Ari Caselius, and the exam itself.

Marine radio training is for everyone – you can be either a beginner or already a more experienced sailor or something in between. Knowing the marine radio system increases safety on board and it’s better if more than one sailor is aware of the system. In the context of TRIP, Short Range Certificate SRC is mandatory for those skippering the coastal sailboat, therefore for captains.

However, there are some matters and limitations to pay attention to before registering:

  • The main language of both occasions will be Finnish and recaps will be in Finnish, but it is of course alright to ask questions in English. The SRC -exam can be done in Finnish, Swedish or English, and the language will be chosen when filling out the registration form.
  • The LRC -material is available only in Finnish and most likely the LRC -exam will be possible to do only in Finnish (more info will follow concerning this matter).
  • In order to participate in the LRC exam, you should have successfully done the SRC -exam before.
  • You can only participate in the event if you are doing the exam on the same day.
  • The SRC -exam costs 45,40 € /exam and LRC 67,30 € /exam. The price for a certificate is 43,75 € per each. Only the exam fee and possible certificate fee will cause expenses for the participants.

For TRIP members, registration for both SRC and LRC -days will open on Wednesday 20.09. at 20 o’clock. The registration link will be available at least from our website news and email for members. Also people outside of TRIP will participate in the exam days, but there is plenty of room for our members.

The material for SRC is publicly available on Traficom’s website, but only in Finnish and in Swedish. The material in English will be provided for those registering for the event. The LRC material is available only in Finnish and will be separately provided to those, who register. It is highly recommended to make oneself familiar with the material before the exam day, despite the recap before the exam.

For the exam, you will need:

  • a pencil, an eraser and a ballpoint pen
  • one formal papery passport photo (it cannot be more than a year old and it can’t have any marks or previous stamps)
  • an ID document (check below):
    • for those, who are Finnish citizens: some kind of ID document, that has social security number and a picture on it. For example an ID card with a picture, a passport or a driver’s license.
    • for those, who are not Finnish citizens: a homeland passport or copy of passport page/pages, that have personal data

More information about marine radio traffic and radio permits is available eg. Traficom’s website here.

If you have something to ask, you can send an email to the Head of Education (theory courses) Emmi to address emmi.nevalainen@teekkaripurjehtijat.fi.