Opiskelijan oma purjehdusseura
The registration for practical sailing courses will open on week 9!

The registration for practical sailing courses will open on week 9!

Next summer is getting closer and so are TRIP’s yearly practical sailing courses.  The club is organizing again practical sailing courses during May and the beginning of June and possibly also next autumn. TRIP’s practical sailing courses are organized according to the education system of the Finnish association of sailing instructors (Purjehduksenopettajat ry PORY). The club organizes both Sailing Crew and Inshore Skipper courses, from which Sailing Crew course has been held also in English before. The possibility of arranging courses in English depends on the number of interested participants and the availability of teachers. The Sailing Crew course is for beginners and the goal is to learn the skills needed for being a member of the crew on a sailing boat. The Inshore Skipper course is for more experienced and the goal is to be able to skipper a sailing boat in familiar waters during day time. The educators of the course are TRIP’s own authorized and skilled skippers!

Both Sailing Crew and Inshore Skipper course last for 32 hours, which is divided to shore-based theory part (8h) and practical part (24h) in our keel boats. The theory part will be held during two or three weekday evenings as contact or/and online teaching. The practical part can consist of evening sailings, whole day sailings or both. The evening sailings are organized at weekday evenings and and whole day sailings during weekends, consisting of 1-3 overnights in the boat. Neither of the courses include an exam but previously Inshore and Coastal Skipper exams have been organized on TRIP’s boats, organized by the test participant themselves. If asked, the course educator can fill in the PORY Record of Competence and Logbook, which can be ordered when filling in the registration form. A separate certificate of participating in the course will not be provided.

No previous knowledge or skills of sailing are required to Sailing Crew course, the sheer intrest to learn is enough. However, to be able to participate in the Inshore Skipper course, you should have passed an Navigation 1 or similar level exam (eg. RYA’s Day Skipper) and sailed mimimun 100 nautical miles. The registration to Inshore Skipper course doesn’t quarantee an acceptance to the course, because certificates will be checked before confirming the spot. If you pass the Navigation 1 exam organized this spring, it is still possible for you to participate to the course timewise. Only members of TRIP can participate in these courses – so if you are not a member yet, now is a good time to join here.

You can learn more about the courses from our own website and PORY’s website (Purjehtijakurssi, Saaristopäällikkökurssi these are unfortunately only in Finnish). The information in our own website, for example the price list and schedule, will be updated in the near future.

The registration to next summer’s sailing courses will open in two weeks, on week 9. The excact time of opening the registration form will be announced later in the website.

Stay tuned!