Navigation courses for Spring 2023 will start in February

Navigation courses for Spring 2023 will start in February

Another year has passed and next summer’s boating season is getting closer day by day. Soon it will be time to get to study the theory of navigation before the adventures of the season ahead.

Are you a beginner wishing to learn how to read a nautical chart, recognize sea marks, and plan routes for future trips? Are you perhaps willing to learn how to navigate also during poor visibility and recognize light and sound marks of different vessels? Maybe you already have experience but want to deepen your skills even further. Are you interested in ocean tides and boating abroad? If your answer to any of these was positive, TRIP’s navigation courses are here for you.

This spring we will organize again three navigation courses; Navigation 1 in Finnish and in English and Navigation 2 in Finnish. Registrations for navigation courses will open in January and courses will start in February. Attending courses is only possible for members of Teekkaripurjehtijat – and if you are not a member yet, now is a good time to join.

Teaching will be arranged once a week on weekday evenings, most likely as contact teaching in Otaniemi (to be announced). Courses will each consist of seven lectures and an exam, from which a certificate will be given. Attendance in the classes is not compulsory but regular participation is highly recommended, for gaining a clear picture of the contents and succeeding in the exam. In addition, you can meet great people with mutual interests!

More specific information about the courses and the time of opening the registration forms will be updated on this site, under the section “Navigation courses”. There will be a possibility to order course materials when filling in the registration form. The materials will be given to participants when the courses start.

Stay tuned!