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Join to the Flotilla Sail on 19.-21.8.

Join to the Flotilla Sail on 19.-21.8.

Flotilla Sail is a weekend-long common sail open to all TRIP members! Flotilla sail will be organized on 19.-21.8. and all of our three club boats will participate in the sailing. We’ll sail with roughly same schedules to same harbours and spend as much time together with TRIP crew as possible. In route planning we’ll take all boats’ requirements into consideration so that they can all fit into same harbors.

  • All boats have two skippers and rest of the crew spots are up for grabs!
  • We’ll take wishes about boat company into consideration (friends etc), but might have to divide boat crews so that all boats have enough people with some sailing experience.
  • Participation is free, but all crews are in charge of their own food and harbor costs, and other possible expenses.
  • Sign-ups open on Monday 8.8. at 17.00 and spots are booked with first come first served principle, so be fast! If you don’t get a spot, you are also welcome to participate with your own or friend’s boat.

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Karri Pönni

Tapahtumavastaava | Head of Events
+358 503725538 | karri.ponni@teekkaripurjehtijat.fi
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