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Afterwork sauna 30.6.

Afterwork sauna 30.6.

Gorsu will warm up in Otaniemi next Thursday 30.6. for afterwork! Welcome to the sauna and hang out starting at 6 pm. Snacks are available, but please bring your own sauna drinks. For a sauna, please bring your own towel and, if you wish, a swimsuit. The sauna is warm until 11 pm.

The event is free. Gorsu is located at Jämeräntaival 5A. The entrance is located behind the staircase A, along the road leading to Rantasauna. Register to the sauna evening with this form.

More info:
Karri Pönni
Tapahtumavastaava | Head of Events
+358 503725538 | karri.ponni@teekkaripurjehtijat.fi
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